A furniture company did not survive the economic crisis and went bankrupt. The owner wanted to continue the company with three design chairs that were still profitable. The copyright on the design of the chairs landed in the bankruptcy inventory and so the curator had control over it, not the owner. 

Unfortunately the owner of the furniture company did not ask for advice upon founding the company or she would have been advised to secure the intellectual property rights, such as copyright and design rights, in the management of a private company, which would then issue a license to the operating company. In the event of a bankruptcy of the operating company, the intellectual property rights would not be dragged into in the bankruptcy. Sadly that was the case. 

Based on the figures, the owner of the well-selling models could get financing from the bank and make a winning bid on the copyright of the three designs of the well-selling models that landed in the inventory. The owner is now running her business with the three well-selling models although in a much slimmer version.

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